250/350 Clamp Wellhead Oil/Water Injection Device With Slab Gate Valves


250/350 clamp wellhead oil/water injection device with slab gate valves is the most used equipment in oilfield, with simple and compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance, longer service life, high efficiency makes it widely used in oil production and water injection operation.
• Both mouth sides on tubing head are designed as screw-typeflange typeBW type and other types to meet the demand of working condition.
• Consist of tubing head, flanges and valves.
• The flange threaded casing specifications are: LC, STC, and BTC.                                                      
• Suitable for 5-1/2 "7 "cathead, tubing program and various kinds of connections.
• The Christmas tree works safe and reliable, simple and convenient operation & maintenance.
• Working Pressure: 2000 psi - 5000 psi
• Size Range: 2 3/8"~ 4 1/2
• Working medium: Oil, Natural gas, Slurry, containing H2S, Co2 gas
• Working temperature: -60 ~ 121 C (KU Grade)
• Material Level: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH
• Specification level: PSL1 ~ 3
• Performance levels: PR1