Quality System Contro

Sichuan Zigong valve plant has attached great importance to product quality and quality management, product quality as enterprises life, and in the interests of customers as the focus of our work. To this end, we determined that the companys quality policy: the interests of customers is the companys future; customer satisfaction is to test the quality of standards; our most important duty is to put the customers ideas into reality; our commitment to our quality management system and product quality in line with existing international standards, including the current standard API, and the continuous improvement of our quality management system and product quality.

To further improve the quality of valve products, we continue to meet customer needs, the company in the early nineties the introduction of foreign advanced quality management concepts, organizational staff in-depth study and implementation of API Q1 "Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries with quality management Platform norms "and the ISO9000" Quality Management System "standard, established API Q1 and GB / T19001 quality management system and obtained the American Petroleum Institute (API) issued by the API-6D (6D-0220 to February 6, 1995 ) monogram using certificates, in March 1996 made the former China Machinery Industry Quality System certification Center GB / T19001 quality management system certification, from the companys quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the standard and quality management system documentation Pulled scientific, standardized and standardized management of the track, and the two system certificates of renewal by the previous audit, the company quality assurance system has been running well in a stable condition and under the strict requirements of the audit experts have been continuously improved and sustained improvements.

In recent years, companies pay more attention to product quality and safety reliability and quality assurance, in July 2004 the companys quality assurance system certified by the state authorized identification accreditation accrediting bodies, and achieved Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued special equipment (pressure piping components) manufacturing license (TS certification), and in strict accordance with relevant state laws, regulations and safety requirements specification manufacturing valve products.

In the quality assurance work we carried out in strict accordance with the following aspects of quality control: control of documents and records, contract control, design control, materials and spare parts control, process control, welding control, casting control, forging control, heat control, control of non-destructive testing, physical and chemical inspection and control, assembly control, inspection and test control, equipment and inspection and test equipment control, control of nonconforming product, quality improvement and quality control and personnel training, assessment and management, and based on the characteristics and process requirements valve products , from raw materials into the plant by the factory to control the whole process of the important aspects of setting checkpoint with inspectors, so that the production process is controlled by the state, to ensure that substandard materials are not allowed to put in storage or put into production, the failure of parts shall be transferred to the next process, substandard products not manufactured and strict traceability management to ensure product quality, safety valves, reliable and effective operation of the normal quality assurance system.

The pursuit of excellence is an important development trend of the 21st century, quality management, the company chairman vision began in May 2013 for staff training, and comprehensive implementation of GB / T19580-2012 "excellent performance evaluation criteria," the pursuit of excellence, which will round improve the companys quality management level, to enhance the competitiveness of our products to better meet customer needs and expectations.

In short, we believe: Through scientific, standardized management and corporate staffs unremitting efforts, our company valve product quality and quality management will be a higher level!